Using the Pet Magasin Pet Travel Carrier for Walks

While we think it’s best that cats remain indoors, there is something to be said about exposing your cat to the outside. Outdoor environments present a variety of stimuli such as sounds, smells, and sights that cats may find interesting and are missing in an indoor environment. One way to expose indoor cats to the outdoors is with Pet Magasin's Pet Travel Carrier.

Difficult urban environments such as crossing a busy street with your cat become as easy as wearing a backpack!

Difficult urban environments such as crossing a busy street with your cat become as easy as wearing a backpack!

The Pet Magasin is exactly as it seems - essentially a pet carrier with backpack straps that enables the user to wear it as a backpack.  We’ve been testing it with Quinn for a few weeks now and we’ve been very happy with it so far. The pack itself is very well designed. It’s sturdy yet provides just enough cushioning to soften the occasional (light) knocks and bumps. Wearing it is comfortable for users of several heights, and it also has abdominal straps to shift weight, thereby helping with ergonomics. In addition, the pack has zippable viewing “vents” on both sides so that your companion can see the outside.


In testing the BACKPACK, we’ve taken it out for nearly twenty 10-30 minute walks the past few weeks. We’ve monitored Quinn to see how he does during the walks. At first he meowed his displeasure for few minutes (and when unintentionally provoked when we went to "baby him" when he’s in it), but left alone in the back, he eventually settled down. Now he very seldom meows in it. He also seems to have adjusted to the “bounce up and down” that’s caused from normal walking - he adjusts his head accordingly for a more steady view.

Quinn is fixated on the photographer here.

Quinn is fixated on the photographer here.

While Quinn can be a bit of a scratcher, the netting part of the pack has survived our trips completely intact.  Our only unknown is that since he’s still only 5 pounds, we’re unsure how well he’ll fit in as he continues to grow. We also have limited the length of our walks on purpose; as of yet still haven't gone more than 30 minute outings at a time.

In summary, the Pet Magasin Pet Travel Carrier has many positives:

  1. Enables indoor cats to be exposed to the outdoors within a well-confined, protected environment.

  2. Makes transport of cats (and small dogs) easy and ergonomically friendly.

  3. Creates more opportunities and incentives for owner walking/exercising.

We have really enjoyed the Peg Magasin Pet Travel Carrier and highly recommend it. To encourage success, we recommend the following tips below.

Tip 1: Make it a routine. Cats and dogs love the predictability of routines. Turning the outings into routines reduces the chances that the trips develop into “freak out moments” that indoors cats sometimes exhibit when they go outside (like when they’re put into a carrier to go to the vet for example!). We always take Quinn out at the same time of the day. We also follow up the trips with his dinner immediately afterwards so that he receives positive reinforcement. Now, whenever we take out the pack, Quinn walks up to it.  

Tip 2: Don’t “baby” your cat if he/she meows a lot when they first go in it. This will only reinforce his/her angst. But don’t completely ignore him either - be mindful that he’s not over stressed by the whole event. Finally, start out slow, with only 5 minute walks, and slowly increase the times, always reinforced afterwards as noted above.

The Pet Magasin Pet Travel Carrier is available for purchase on Amazon's website here.