Celebrate the Fourth!

Our office is closed until Friday 7/8/11. We will re-open on Saturday 7/9/11.

It may sound corny but I always pause to think of freedom and independence on the Fourth of July.  After the usual acknowledgement and appreciation of what this country has to offer (yes, even in these questionable times), I always circle back to reflect on what I have to offer to others.  I grew up learning that, with freedom and independence (financially or socially), comes responsibility.  This belief is carried over to how we do things at The Family Vet.

One of the reasons I purchased this veterinary practice eight years ago was to continue providing veterinary services to the community.  We are not located in the best area but it is where I grew up and a part of me wants to bridge the gap and make veterinary care more accessible to our lower income neighborhood.
Over the years, the way we provide veterinary care --- as exemplified by our slogan "Personal Care for Pets" --- resonated with many people.  The demand for our services has grown more than anyone had expected.  We experienced growing pains and tried to find ways to accommodate our growth without compromising our core beliefs of providing quality personal care for pets.

Some things we tried worked, some did not.  One benefit of being a small one-doctor practice is the flexibility to try new things.

As I reflect on this July 4th, I realize that we have been busy running around trying to keep up with our practice growth.  We have become a slave to our success --- sort of the tail wagging the dog.  Lately, I worry that we may be nearing the point where our growth will start to compromise our ability to care for our clients and patients.  Moreover, we were fast burning out our small, wonderful caring staff.

As mentioned at the start of this post, July 4th reminds me not only of our independence but also my responsibilities and obligations.

I, represented by The Family Vet, have a responsibility to our current clients, those who have entrusted us with the care of their pets, and to our staff, those who have entrusted us with their well-being and livelihood.
I have many other aspirations.  But I have to first meet the above two responsibilities before I can pursue and take on any other obligations.

We are taking this upcoming week off to give our staff some well-earned vacation time and to give us a chance to do some maintenance work on our building.  The down time will also allow us to implement services to maximize our efficiency and improve services to our current clients and patients.

Our office is closed until Friday 7/8/11.  We will re-open at 8 am on Saturday 7/9/11.
If you have a medical emergency for your pet, please contact AERC at 310-325-3000

During this time, you may still reach us via email staff@thefamilyvet.net or leave us a message at 562-281-PETS (562-281-7387). Urgent messages from current clients will be returned as needed.  We will refer patients to local practices or referral facilities as appropriate.  If you are not a current client, please contact another local practice so your pets may receive timely medical care.
If your pet is currently under medical treatment with me, you should also have my direct cellphone number to contact me if needed.

We plan to return in a week, refreshed and ready to continue providing the personal care for pets that you have come to expect from us.

As you celebrate The Fourth, remember to keep your pets healthy and safe with these holiday tips.
Enjoy Independence Day!