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2. Via text request:

You may send us your prescription request by text using the following simple instructions:

A. Locate the "RX # in the upper left section of the label.

B. Send us a text with this number, your name, and the pet's name to our standard number, 562-281-7387. Be sure to add*on the words "same/ok" to your text. Doing so affirms that your pet is stable with the current treatment, and that the dosage is the same.

For example, in the label above the rx number is "99," the owner's name is "Zuniga, Elias" and the pet's name is "Messages," so the text request to 562-281-7387 is: "99, Zuniga, Elias, Messages, same/ok."

Remember, if you have changed dosages from what the label says (even with doctor's approval), or if your pet is not stable with the current treatment plan, please contact the office by phone to discuss further.

C. That's it! We'll contact you to confirm receipt, rx status, etc.