562-281-PETS (562-281-7387)

Our primary phone number has changed to 562-281-PETS (562-281-7387).  We apologize for any inconvenience of, once again, changing our phone number.  We appreciate your understanding as we straighten out our phone services.  This should be our permanent phone number now.
Please update our contact information:

The Family Vet
Email: staff@thefamilyvet.net

Dr. Tran may reply to emails from her account for ongoing cases.  To keep the conversation in order and improve continuity of care, you may reply directly to her address.  However, for any new issues or concerns (e.g. scheduling an appointment, prescription request), using our primary address above will ensure our proper and timely attention.

Keep in mind that we receive about 100 emails on an average day.  Elias makes an effort to go through all of them and reply (or redirect to Dr. Tran) within 24-48 hours.  If you do not get a reply from us in 48 hours, please send us another email (if not urgent) and/or, for urgent matters, call us directly.

The same applies to voice messages.  We receive at least 40 phone messages per day.  Some of them are garbled and/or may not contain all the pertinent information for us to return the calls.  If messages are left during our office hours, we usually call back the same day.  We try to return all calls in a timely manner, no later than within 24 hours during our work week.  Since we are closed on Monday and Tuesday, that means non-urgent messages left after closing on Sunday may not be returned until the following Wednesday.  Please follow up with another call or email us if needed.

The best way to contact us outside our office hours is via email.  If your pet is currently under medical treatment, you may also call Dr. Tran directly at the provided cell number.

We appreciate your loyalty and value the trust you have in us to provide veterinary care for your family.

We welcome new clients and patients throughout the year.  However, as you may have noted on our webpage, we are temporarily not accepting new clients at this time (new patients from current clients are still being accepted).  Providing personal care to our current clients and patients is our first priority.  Limiting the number of new clients will allow us time to focus on the patients currently in our care.  We hope to resume scheduling new client appointments in 6 weeks (by the middle of July).

We appreciate your support and understanding as we strive to meet our goal of providing quality personal care for pets.