"Thank You for Calling The Family Vet"

"Thank you for calling The Family Vet."

Elias repeats that appreciation countless times during a workday.  It is also what you hear at the start of our voicemail greeting.  For me, it is "Thank you for holding" when I come onto the phone.  So many thank yous uttered through the day may seem by rote and people tend to not hear it after a while.  Odd isn't it, that this is one of the times when repeating an idea often enough may not make people think it's true?  On the contrary, the sentiment's sincerity declines the more it is repeated until it is only regarded as a polite greeting.

Why am I mulling over our phone greeting this Thanksgiving morning?  I was reflecting on my blessings and saw how many of them are related to The Family Vet.  That made me wonder if our clients know how much we appreciate them.  Our clients and patients are part of our family.  As with any family, there's a danger of taking things for granted and (wrongly) assuming that, of course, they know how much they're appreciated.

Thanksgiving Day reminds me to slow down and take the opportunity to make sure the people who matters --- you --- know how much you are appreciated and that you top my list of "I am thankful for..."

I am thankful for...
  • Clients who trust and believe in what we do at The Family Vet.  I know that our different approach to patient care requires active participation from our clients at times, and may not be a good fit for everyone.
  • A wonderful supportive team that put up with my idiosyncrasies and is just as dedicated as I am to providing quality care to our clients and patients.  They are not just employees, but also co-workers, friends, and part of my extended family and support network.
  • A family who supports and loves me even when they sometimes look at me and wonder if there was a baby switcheroo after my birth.  They have long learned and accepted that "office hours" are not the same as my work hours and "closed for the holiday" does not mean I do not go to work.
  • My own pets for somehow understanding that my spending more time with other people's pets does not mean I love them any less.
  • And I am most thankful for patients who continue to surprise me with their trust and cooperation.  It never ceases to amaze me how most cats and dogs will allow us to hold them still for procedures -- from collecting blood to cleaning their ears.  Their innate trust in people humbles me.  Their resilience and remarkable healing ability are miraculous at times.  And I hope to never forget how fortunate I am to be surrounded by them and work with them every day. 
To all our clients and friends, near and far,

 Happy Thanksgiving!


May this be a great start to your holiday season.