Cats at The Met

If you’re like me you just don't have enough cats in your life. You have them at home, (I’m fortunate enough to have them at work too), but you need more. Lucky for us the Metropolitan Museum of Art (“The Met”) has a solution. If you use Chrome Browser for Windows PC’s simply install the free Chrome Browser add-on located here Now you'll be able to viewing The Met’s collection of art featuring cats from across their vast art collection by simply opening up a new tab on your web browser! That’s right, just open a new tab on your web browser and be treated to beautiful art that features a cat. For fans of art and cats it’s the cat’s meow!

I tried it and found it quite the distraction. That The Met took the time to provide artist information and art date makes it additionally wonderful. Here are screenshots of the first 5 tabs we opened:

The Met's Chrome Browser extension is educational, fun and free. Highly recommended.