Friday May 11th provided a good reminder to us why microchips are a simple yet powerful tool that we  recommend for all of our patients. In the morning one our clients contacted us to let us know they found a stray dog. They scheduled an appointment and brought the friendly cocker spaniel for a microchip scan. The scan confirmed that a chip was present, and after a few phone calls our clients were able to reunite the wayward dog with his grateful owner.
Unfortunately, only about an hour later we received a call from Long Beach Animal Care services that they had found a cat recently deceased (probably hit by a car) with a microchip that may had been implanted by us. Even though we had implanted the chip 14 years ago, we were able to provide Long Beach Animal Care with the appropriate owner information so that they, in turn, could provide the owner with some closure. Pet microchips can save lives and reunite companions. There are several major microchip manufacturers and several registration options, so make sure to ask your veterinarian about microchipping options for your companions.