We're Still Here

From the lack of activities on our blog, Twitter and Facebook, it may seem as though we lost interest in our online presence.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Not a day goes by that we do not think at least once, "Oh, we should tweet that," "We need to add that to Facebook," or "That would make a good blog post."  However, in a small veterinary practice, each team member has multiple job titles and wears many hats.  And when things get busy at The Family Vet, our "Social Media Liaison" hat gets put on the shelf as we focus on providing quality personal patient care.

I kept telling myself that I will write more when things calm down at the clinic --- that we will slow down after the new year, that business usually trickle down the weeks before tax day, etc... Well, April 15th came and went and I still see that my last blog post was Elaine's quickie Thanksgiving card.  How embarrassing.

The past year brought many changes to The Family Vet.  Our small clinic experienced unprecedented growth that, at times, was almost more than we could handle.  Against consultant's advice, we even intermittently stopped accepting new clients, when needed, to better care for our current clients and patients. It is still a roller coaster ride at times, but a controlled ride in which we can apply the brakes and steer as needed to keep us from jumping off track.

I am realizing that waiting for things to completely settle down before writing again is tantamount to kissing this blog good-bye.  We just have to include it among the many things we juggle as long as it continues to have a role in our vision for The Family Vet.

Thus, we hope to dust off our Social Media Liaison hat soon and rejoin the online conversation.  Look for our Spring Cleaning list later this week as we go over things we need to do now to prepare our pets for safe summer fun.

It's good to be back :)