The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show & Application Review

We always enjoy watching the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The show is not only a celebration of our closest friends, it's impressive seeing how well they are kept and trained. This year's edition, No. 137, is scheduled to start this Monday February 11th.

In conjunction with the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the WKC has released a smartphone application for Android and iOS devices that, we believe, is well worth the download. The application is clear and well designed. We particularly like its focus on education, both about the show itself and its participants.

After launching the application, you're presented with several options, including Dog Show maps, directories, schedules, even a live feed once the show starts. Westminster 101 will help you learn what judges look for when they decide Best in Show. It has everything from judging criteria to a glossary of frequently used terms. 

Perhaps our favorite section of the application is the Breeds section. Here, the application lists the entirety of breeds to be judged at the show. In addition to the judging schedule for all breeds, selecting a particular breed will provide you with a treasure trove of useful breed information. You can see the breed's formal name, group, typical photo, and useful education facts and characterisitics.

The Westminster Kennel Club's free Dog Show application will not only help you better enjoy the upcoming Dog Show, it's a great educational tool to aid you in learning basic facts about dog breeds. It's obvious that the WKC spent a lot of time and effort into this well made application. Best of all, the application is free. (Click here to visit the download page.) So download it, and cheer your favorites on to Best in Show!